Pi Day of the Century! 3.14.15

Pi + Pie

Pi Day of the Century!  3.14.15

Remember "pi"? That magical goes-on-forever number that is the result of dividing the circumference of a circle by the diameter? Yep, that's pi, commonly known only as 3.14. Hence, March 14th is always "pi day," beloved by math teachers and assorted number lovers.

This year, because the next 2 numbers in the sequence are 1 and 5, and Pi Day falls on 3.14.15 -- the only time it will do that this century -- it's very special.  Of course this calls for pie, the natural extension of pi. So, prep some pie and call your friends and family, because it's time to celebrate. Any excuse for pie, right?

Pi t-shirt

Special thanks to Pie Pal Havens for finding and modeling this t-shirt. Wish I had one!

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