Today is a very good day to flip.

Today is a very good day to flip.

Have you ever wished you could just flip a switch and change things in your life?  Today happens to be a turning point, a fabulous opportunity to make a move.

Here’s why:  It’s the winter solstice AND a new moon.  It’s the “great turning point of the year.”  It is when, in the Northern Hemisphere, we come to the extreme resting point when the Earth’s axis pauses in its tilt away from the Sun and is still before beginning its turn back towards the Sun and maximum light at the summer solstice.  It is one of the ultimate cycles of the Earth, and we humans are impacted by that.

Similarly, the new moon is another period of darkness, of fertility in the quiet and dark of the night.

This time of year is, by nature, quiet and dark.  The solstice and new moon cycles, occurring on the same day as they are today, are maximizing this experience.  Consider making the most of it.  Do a flip!

Certainly, for many of us this is an extraordinarily busy time of year.  We’re hustling, already celebrating and gifting and baking and traveling on behalf of a spiritual holiday.  And yet, it is at the same time, the perfect time to sit in stillness and silence, to turn off the lights and music and conversation and just be in the dark.  What a polarity.

It’s easy to forget about the value of the dark.  It’s easy to skip being peaceful with the quiet and stillness of the night.  When it’s cold and we’re busy, we can forget to embrace silence or time outside looking at the Milky Way.

We can make our own versions of “flipping the switch.”  The most important aspect is recognizing the inner guidance we have for creating change in our lives.  This is where the quiet and dark – the stillness – of the solstice are so powerful.  Consider taking a few minutes to envelope yourself in the dark this evening, preferably alone where you won’t be interrupted (lock the door to the bathroom if such privacy is a luxury!) to reflect on what you want to release from the past year.  What regrets, disappointments, or other energies are holding you hostage?  Be clear with yourself.  Then release the old!  Write your old beliefs and energies on paper and burn, flush, shred or bury it. 

While you are still in the darkness, go deep inside again and get very clear with yourself about what your heart wants going forward.  This is your opportunity for a “reset.”  How will you honor your life, your body, others, and the environment?  What new authority do you want in your life?

And here comes the flip.  Light a candle or turn on a lamp.  The big cycle is turning towards more light, more activity, so prepare for action.  Write those intentions for yourself.  Post them where you will see them daily.  Give yourself the love to be the new you.


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