Ownership vs. Sharing of Recipes

Pie Pals Share Theirs

Your Pie Pal, Rebecca Dakota

How do you feel about sharing your best pie recipe?  Will you ever share it?  With whom,  under what circumstances?

Now I've heard, though I can't say I've had direct experience with this, that people in the South are happy to share their recipes.  It's just that they leave out one of the key ingredients.  Any truth to this?

I'll give my recipes away (as I do on Pie Pals) anyone who wants to make good pie, with hopes that they'll enjoy the recipes and quite possibly improve upon them.  After all, most of my recipes started out from a recipe book and then became my own.  No sense in holding back on anything when there's so much good to be shared.

And, that being said, I'm still going to ask for 99 cents for my "best" recipes – the "best of show" ones from the State Fair.  Wonder why?  Because I want to be the pie-wonder broker: connecting you with each other and all that's wonderful about pie.   It's so much more fun to do this than to sit in a corporate office or even to be a consultant for non-profit organizations.  And this Web site does cost a bit to run. 

So let's share and be generous with each other.  The more good pie, the better.

Yours in flakiness,

Rebecca, Your Pie Pal

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