Pie Festival Sept. 8, Pie Town, NM!

Does it get any better than a pie festival?!

Pie Festival Sept. 8, Pie Town, NM!

Pie, music, arts, pie, crafts, raffles, dancing, and did I mention pie?  It’s all there for us at the Pie Town Pie Festival, coming up on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012.

For the very best pie, head to the Pie-O-Neer Café.  While you can buy a slice of pie across the street at the Festival, you’ll find excellent made-from-scratch-real-deal pie at the Pie-O-Neer.  Pie’s their thing and they’re great at it!  (See pictures on their web site.)  Get there early, as they’ll probably sell out by midday. 

The owner and Queen Pie Baker is Kathy Knapp.  She’ll be making more than 100 pies for that day!  If you make it there – either for the Pie Festival or any other time – be sure to say that Rebecca from Pie Pals sent you.

Pie Town is on the Continental Divide in SW New Mexico.  Lots of history has happened there!  You can get there easily from Socorro by taking Hwy 60 west for 86 miles.  (Look for the Pie-O-Neer on the north side of the street.) Socorro also has lodging and is close to the famous bird refuge of Bosque del Apache.

If you like good pie, it’s worth a trip to Pie Town for the festival, and especially to the Pie-O-Neer!  Proceeds from the annual Pie Festival benefit the Pie Town Community Council.


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