What are your hands doing today?

What are your hands doing today?

Hands.  Recently I was in the occupational therapy area of the Healthplex getting therapy on a smashed (but recovering) right index finger.  The other person getting treatment was a guy who seemed – from appearances, I didn’t ask – to be recovering from badly burned hands, arms and scalp.  He struggled to do basic therapeutic movements with his stiff hands, transplanted skin stretched tight across them, fingers cracked and bleeding.  He worked very hard at simple things, like moving pegs on a board.  Whew. 

How much of what we do every day is dependent on having the use of our hands?  You could make a list that would be almost endless, I’m sure.  Please take a moment to at least think about your list.  Hopefully one of the things on it would be the ability to touch those you love – family, friends, pets, other animals, even plants or books.  And I would include food on the list of things we might touch with love.  The ability to choose and prepare nutritious, good food with love and care is a blessing.  Now I’m not saying pie is nutritious, but you know I think it’s an important part of the food pyramid and deserves to be an occasional treat!

The next time you make a pie, think about how cool it is to have your precious hands to bake with.  Love your hands, love pie.  It’s all good.  Very good!




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