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Pie Poetry Contest!

Put your love of pie into words! Win a prize!

Pie Poetry Contest!

This contest has closed, but feel free to send us your "pieku"!

The Pie Pals Team. 

 Go ahead, write a little poem about pie! 

What:  We want poetry about pie.  Send in your original poetry about pie and win a prize! 

When:  Due date is February 28, 2014.  Send any time between now and then.

Where:  Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *

Why:  You love pie.  Good, homemade pie.

First prize is an original Pie Pals apron, and all honorable mentions will get a free Pie Pals magnet.  Winners announced in March, with winning poems posted on the Pie Pals website. 

Haiku poems are welcome!  I guess that makes them pieku? 



What else? 

  • Any style of poetry is fine, keep it clean, fun is good, family stories as poetry are interesting, say what’s true for you about pie. 
  • Attach as a Word document if your poem is longer than a half page.
  • Must be your very own original poem(s).
  • Limit 2 poems per person. 
  • Anyone can enter.
  • Entries need to be in English.
  • Drawings, illustrations and photos are welcome but certainly not required.
  • Decisions are final, blah, blah, blah.  You know the routine. 

Just write something and wax poetic about pie!

*Include with your email the following:


  1.  Your name and the city/town/village/pueblo where you live, and the state/country.  Also let us know your age if you’re under 20.

  2. Your statement, “I agree to the terms of this contest, and confirm that I wrote this poem and I am giving Pie Pals, LLC, permission to publicize it as they see fit.”  Cut and paste this into your submission email if you want to, or type it in.  This statement must be included for your poem to be considered!

  3. Any tidbits about the poem, your love of pie, your history with pie, or anything else you think we might find interesting about you.  Don’t be shy!  This is all in the spirit of being pie pals – people who love pie and want to share that enthusiasm!











"Pie Story," by Sandy Bryan, "Best of Show" Winner 2013

How I Got Hooked on the Pie Contest


By Sandy Bryan

Guest Blogger, Pie Pals

The State Fair Pie Contest is one of the most fun things in my year.  I got started years ago (1986) after a visit to the Torrance County Fair, where I visited the exhibit building and saw the Pie Contest entries on display with their ribbons.  There were only a few pies, of course, and I was fascinated to realize that there was a pie contest, that regular people brought their pies and entered the contest, and that they were awarded ribbons. 

I remember thinking, I could do that!  I wondered, where and when is the Bernalillo County Fair?  Then I realized that in Albuquerque we have the New Mexico State Fair.  I was a little daunted, but I found out where and when to enter, then baked a blueberry pie sweetened with maple syrup, and off I went.  I won a blue ribbon, and I was hooked!

The next year I baked a cherry pie with cherry brandy for Pie Contest.  I won a blue ribbon and Best of Show!  Now I was really hooked!  Since then I have entered every year except one, when a family emergency took priority.  Some years I have come away with a second or third place ribbon, and a couple of years ago I came back empty-handed for the first time. I realized that probably needed to happen at least once and accepted it as a part of the life of a hard core pie baker.

After the blueberry pie and cherry pie successes, I moved to another pie I liked, perfected that pie, eventually won a ribbon for it, then moved on to another pie.  I say eventually, because in some cases I’ve won a ribbon the first time I entered a particular pie category, and sometimes I went back two or three or more times. 

I recall my quest for the blue ribbon for pecan pie.  After the first time I entered and failed to garner a ribbon, a friend remarked to me that her neighbor had been the judge, and he was a fan of a very sweet pecan pie.  Well that’s okay, I don’t do that.  I went back the next year, and there was a different judge, who raved about the beautiful whole pecans in the winning pie.  My pecans were chopped. The next year, the judge went on about the way chopping the pecans releases the volatile nut oils, enhancing the wonderful flavor of the pie.  What to do!  Meanwhile, my loyal friends who served as pie tasters were going through the agonies with me!  What to do to get that ribbon for pecan pie?  Finally, on about the fifth or sixth year, I had my partner, a former precision machinist, come to my kitchen and cut each pecan half crosswise into four perfect pieces, mixed my filling, put it in the pie shell, then covered the top in concentric circles of pecan halves.  Whoever’s judging, here’s your pie!  I finally got my blue ribbon and moved on.  Thank goodness!

All this is to illustrate the trials and tribulations of a pie contest.  You really challenge yourself to do your best.  Sometimes you get a ribbon, sometimes you don’t.  It sure is fun!  I’ve involved the people in my daily life, giving ongoing updates on my research and test pies, having pie tastings to get their input.  Sometimes I’ll make a batch of pie filling, divide it into several parts and add different ingredients to different samples, then bake into mini-pies for side-by-side testing.  That’s one way to figure out what tastes best. 

After winning several ribbons, I challenged myself to see if I could win blue ribbons in every category.  This has meant developing skills in baking pies I’d never particularly considered, and it has widened my pie baking knowledge considerably.  Without meaning to, I’ve become an accomplished baker, far beyond where I was at the beginning. 

This is exactly what pie contest should do for all of us.  All it takes is stepping out and entering your first pie, and the road opens up before you.  Whether you win or not, you learn.  The judges give their critiques and often point out how to remedy the problem, so you know what to do next time. 

Probably the main thing a competitor needs to know, and what people complain to me about when the subject of pie baking comes up, is how to make a good crust.  Do that, and you’re on your way.  There’s lots of information available on every aspect of pie baking, whether you’re looking at your cookbook collection or searching on line.  No reason not to learn it, and do it, and dazzle your friends and wow the judges!

As for this year’s contest, I entered the “Tart” category for the second time.  Last year I won second place for a dazzling coconut tart.  This year I brought a Chocolate Coconut Tart that was inspired by a conversation with a friend about German chocolate cake.  The tart consisted of a pre-baked classic tart crust with a cooked bittersweet chocolate custard. This was topped with coconut and chopped pecans which had been tossed with a bit of melted butter.  The whole thing went into the oven just long enough to toast the coconut and pecans, and it was off to Pie Contest.  I was hoping for a blue ribbon, of course, and I got it.  And, joy of joys, it also got Best of Show!  I am over the moon!

People who come to Pie Contest see their comrade/competitors year after year. It’s a great sense of camaraderie.  And we cheer new entries to the group.  I’ll be back next year, of course.  I hope to see you there!

Sandy has won 13 blue ribbons and four Best of Show rosettes over the years at the New Mexico State Fair Pie Contest.


Happy Anxiety at the Pie Contest

Here's how it came down

Happy Anxiety at the Pie Contest

A happy anxiety rises in the air as the judging begins.  Folding chairs squeak and restless movement settles into a collective forward lean.  Attention turns to the former university president’s wife, who is holding the mic and who has been running the show, at least at home, for years.

“Welcome to the 2013 State Fair Pie Contest!  Today we have16 categories of pies, and 61 pies altogether. They look just beautiful and so delicious!”

Contestants and their friends are impatient for the judging.  Four judges work, each one taking one type of pie at a time: first the apple pies, then blueberry, then cherry.  Next come the peach, peanut, pumpkin, and pecan.  Finally the “other fruits” -- an interesting and diverse bunch, including pears, plums, and luscious apricot hand pies – plus the chocolate and tart entries.

judgesatworkedThe judges take their time, and ours, considering the pies.  They check the bottom to see if it’s cooked enough (“No soggy bottoms!”), see how it cuts and holds together, taste the crust, taste the filling, taste the crusts again, all while keeping a poker face.  They really do give attention to each pie or tart, noting the strengths and weaknesses, and labor over deciding which ones to honor.

In each case, a third, second and first place ribbon are awarded and winners announced.  The best part of the whole thing – well maybe the 2nd best – is how everyone applauds one another.  It’s the most generous audience you’ve ever seen.

And the delight, oh, the joy, of winning!  Sandy, one of the community of pie bakers who’s been entering for years, won “Best of Show.”  You should have seen the bright sparkle in her eyes when it was announced that her tart won!  She was one happy camper, and everyone there was happy with her.

And the best part?  Eating pie with friends afterwards. Pie, pie, pie everywhere!Friendspie2013ed

I’m going to ask some of the Pie Pals who were present at the pie contest here to share their ribbons and recipes, so watch for more in the next few days. 

I’ve posted my two blue-ribbon recipes, for peach and rhubarb-raspberry pies.  Please help yourself!

Cheers, Rebecca


"Why Pie?"

What is it you love about pie?

Royal Rhubarb Pie

Tell us in 25 words or less one of the things that you just love about pie.  Poetry is welcome if you feel inspired!  We're looking for heartfelt, funny, unique or crazy reasons to love pie.  Winner will get have their "Why Pie?" entry posted here and will receive a sweet "Pie Pals" refrigerator magnet.  Deadline:  November 30, 2012.


Pie Contest at Local Food Festival, Albuquerque

Hubbard House Celebrates "Local"!

Pie Contest at Local Food Festival, Albuquerque

Local Pie Contest @ Local Food Festival

October 14 , 2012 – Local Food Festival in Albuquerque, NM (see below)
Ages: Adults - 18 years and older (Amateur bakers only)
Categories: Fruit (ex: Blackberry , Strawberry, Rhubarb) Other (ex: Pecan, Cheese, Coconut Cream, Chocolate)
For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A note on “local”: They want you to deeply embrace the concept of “local.” The basic requirement of this competition is to use at least one locally grown or produced food. Local ingredients will be defined as those grown or produced in New Mexico.

If these products also use locally sourced food items, even better! Items you have grown or raised yourself are as local as you can get. In tallying bonus points these factors may come into play. Again, local food items will be defined as those grown/produced in New Mexico and additional points may come from purchasing these items at locally owned, independent businesses.

For more info about the contest, including rules and entry times:  ENTER HERE!

Festival is Sunday, October 14, 2012

In honor of the New Mexico State Centennial, this year's theme is "A Celebration of History, Culture and Farming".

This event is free and open to the public.

HANDICAP PARKING:  Limited availability in the small north lot.

Download the flier! Feel free to print, share and post this!

For more information about this event, including calendar of events and schedule for the day, click here.


Patriotic Pie Contest

4th of July Pie!


National Pie Championships Kick Off April 27th

Wish you could be there?

National Pie Championships Kick Off April 27th

I do!  So, I'm going!  And, I'll bring you all the pie news and stories from Orlando, Florida.  As a member of the press, I'll be reporting to you on:

  • Amateur contestants, baking their prize pies on site at the Royale Caribe hotel and convention center. They bake on Friday, April 27, and entries will be judged and prizes awarded on Saturday..
  • "Independent Bakers," those who have less than a milliion dollars in pie sales/year, will enter their pies in this new divisions of the Commercial Competition.  Their pies will be judged Friday, with awards that evening.
  • Professional bakers can bake on site on Saturday.  Their judging and awards are on Sunday.
  • High school students -- the future of pie! -- will bake on Saturday, with judging and awards on Sunday. 

Each category of competition has specific categories for entries.  For example, high school students can submit pies in these flavors:  apple, cream, open and fruit/berry.  The amateurs have 18 categories to choose from, including "open."  Anything goes! 

This national pie contest is sponsored by the American Pie Council and Crisco.  They've been conducting it since 1995.

Wonder what the judges are looking for?  I'll see what I can find out and let you know.

Your Pie Pal,

Rebecca Jo Dakota


Contest! - "Merry Month of May"

Winner's recipe will be featured on

What: your best pie or tart recipe to celebrate the "Merry Month of May"

When: enter by May 31, 2012 (submission must be dated by then)

Why: winner's recipe will be featured on

What: most fresh fruit isn't ripe yet, so what will you feature in this late spring pie? Your creativity and matching of the "merry month" theme will be rewarded! Remember the PiePals theme: "dishing up delicious!"

To enter, join PiePals (it's free and easy!), then enter your pie here. Be sure to put "Merry Month of May" in the "Contest Name" field so we'll know you're entering.

Photos are encouraged but not required.

Remember to feature fruit or ingredients readily available at this time of year and to give complete instructions, including a crust recipe.

We will select 3 recipes to make, and will carefully follow your directions. We'll take pictures of the finished pies. And then we'll have a tasting! All three recipes will be shared on PiePals, and the winner will be featured on our home page before Memorial Day.

Good luck!

Your Pie Pal, Rebecca


Contest! - "Washington's Cherry Pie"

Winner's recipe will be featured on

Contest! -

It's a Contest!

"Washington's Cherry Pie"

What: your best cherry pie recipe using frozen cherries.

When: enter by February 12, 2012 (submission must be dated by then)

Why: winner's recipe will be featured on

What: we're looking for a luscious, not-too-sweet pie that can be either homey or innovative, in a crust that complements the filling. Remember the PiePals theme: "Dishing up Delicious!"


2017 NM State Fair Pie Contest, 9/17/17

Best Day of the Year

Best of Show, 2012

Enter the NM State Fair Pie Contest!

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 8:00 AM to Noon


(Creative Arts Bldg, Expo NM, Albuquerque)

Judging Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 1:30 PM

Take a few minutes to use the link provided and familiarize yourself with the entry guidelines.  For example, you can only enter 2 pies, have to be careful about cream, etc.  They provide tips on what they look for when judging the pies (texture, taste, etc.).  Then, get baking!  It’s a blast to enter!   Scroll down to Section 205, Pie Contest


Pie Contest Categories

1. Any Other

2. Apple, non-traditional

3. Apple, traditional

4. Blueberry

5. Cherry

6. Chocolate/Chocolate non-traditional

7. Citrus

8. Coconut Cream

9. Fruit - any flavor not in its own category

10. Lemon Meringue

11. Peach

12. Peanut Butter

13. Pecan

14. Pumpkin

15. Rhubarb (additional fruit optional)

16. Sugar Free

17. Tart, any flavor

18. Any Pie - Graham cracker or crushed cookie crust – Any flavor


Bards and Bakers

Fundraiser for GLSEN of Albuquerque


NM State Fair Pie Contest 2015

Drama and Delicious, Combined

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