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Don't be Shy. Enter Your Pie!

Waiting to see your "Merry Month of May Pie"

As we approach this Memorial Day holiday, what better time is there to bake a pie and celebrate with loved ones?  It's not too hot to have the oven on, like it is for the 4th of July, and we're not swamped with other cooking, like the November/December holidays.

So, make a pie!  Make your "Merry Month of May Pie" and send in the recipe!   We'll pick several recipes to make and the winner will get hers or his featured on Pie Pals.  Take a digital picture and include that if you can.

I heard that there's a Sour Orange Pie recipe coming in.  Top that!

Personally, I'm going to be making berry pies this coming week while enjoying the Oregon coast with friends. 

More from there, Rebecca, Pie Pal #1

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Is Cool Whip™ Cool?

What do you think?

Is it a cool ingredient to use in pie?  Now, whipped cream, that’s a tasty ingredient.  Yum.

But back to the whipped topping question.  The recipe might call for a carton of it, defrosted, to be stirred into your peanut butter or key lime pie.  I have to admit; it does taste good and offers a consistency that holds up.  It’s also convenient and quicker than standing around whipping a carton of cream, and there are no dishes to wash unless you want to keep that plastic container for leftovers. 

Read the ingredients on the label of a whipped topping container.  It’s a long list, full of many things.  I didn’t say food ingredients, I said “things.”  In my opinion, whipped toppings are more plastic than food and I’m concerned for all of us.

And it’s not just because of the artificial ingredients.  It’s because I value authenticity.  I value using real food that nourishes us on some level -- beyond just the calories – because it’s:  fruit in season from a local source, cream from an organic farmer (who’s keeping the soil healthy for future food along with providing healthy food in the present), chocolate from fair trade sources, lemons from a relative’s tree.

I know, I know:  shortening and sugar don’t nurture us, so why care about the other ingredients?  Because where we can, paying attention to the ingredients is just like paying attention to the process:  put love in, get love out.

Love you,

Rebecca, Pie Pal

P.S.  Yes, I did put whipped topping in one of my recipes.  Once.

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