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Patriotic Pie Contest

4th of July Pie!


"Costa Rican Orange Blossom Pie" is Winner!

"Merry Month of May" contest winner

Congratulations to Lenore from Costa Rica.  Her entry in the “Merry Month of May” pie recipe contest is a winner.  You can find the easy recipe here.

Sour oranges pair up with cream for a taste that’s reminiscent of the “Dreamsicles” of old.  Set in a buttery crust, it’s really hard to resist.

I’m going to try it as a tart next time.  The crust seems more tart-like (tart-esque?) to me.  I’ll take pictures and post them and let you know how the pie vs. tart versions compare.  Meantime, enjoy!


Patriotic Pie?

What's Your 4th of July Pie?

Red, White & Blue Pie

Patriotic Pie Contest

4th of July Pie

Our national birthday is coming up, so let’s get ready to celebrate!  What’s your version of a 4th of July Pie? 

What characteristics of America would you want to celebrate?  Our commitment to democracy?  Our 3 branches of government?  Our willingness – in the end – to embrace diversity and inclusiveness?  Our vision of freedom and liberty for all?  A particular part of America that’s special to you?  I can see a “Yellowstone Park Pie” or a “Purple Waves of Grain Pie.”  Or maybe a “Southern Summer Pie.”

Pick a theme and go for it!  Send your recipe in by June 30th and we’ll pick one to post on the 1st of July (so there will be time to make it for the 4th).

Maybe you already have a favorite 4th of July Pie – great!  Or maybe you want to make up a new one.  Either is welcome.


  • ü  Name your pie according to the American value or place you want to celebrate
  • Originality counts!
  • Get it here by end of day June 30th

For inspiration, here’s a photo from the American Pie Championship held this April.  It has 3 sections with different fruits in red, white and blue colors -- cherries, apples and blueberries – with a twist of crust separating each.  How did the baker keep the sections separate?  I don’t know but I was impressed with the design!

I think I’ll dream up a “Liberty Pie” or maybe an “Equal Rights” pie.  How about you?!?  Enter now!


Don't be Shy. Enter Your Pie!

Waiting to see your "Merry Month of May Pie"

As we approach this Memorial Day holiday, what better time is there to bake a pie and celebrate with loved ones?  It's not too hot to have the oven on, like it is for the 4th of July, and we're not swamped with other cooking, like the November/December holidays.

So, make a pie!  Make your "Merry Month of May Pie" and send in the recipe!   We'll pick several recipes to make and the winner will get hers or his featured on Pie Pals.  Take a digital picture and include that if you can.

I heard that there's a Sour Orange Pie recipe coming in.  Top that!

Personally, I'm going to be making berry pies this coming week while enjoying the Oregon coast with friends. 

More from there, Rebecca, Pie Pal #1


Contest! - "Merry Month of May"

Winner's recipe will be featured on

What: your best pie or tart recipe to celebrate the "Merry Month of May"

When: enter by May 31, 2012 (submission must be dated by then)

Why: winner's recipe will be featured on

What: most fresh fruit isn't ripe yet, so what will you feature in this late spring pie? Your creativity and matching of the "merry month" theme will be rewarded! Remember the PiePals theme: "dishing up delicious!"

To enter, join PiePals (it's free and easy!), then enter your pie here. Be sure to put "Merry Month of May" in the "Contest Name" field so we'll know you're entering.

Photos are encouraged but not required.

Remember to feature fruit or ingredients readily available at this time of year and to give complete instructions, including a crust recipe.

We will select 3 recipes to make, and will carefully follow your directions. We'll take pictures of the finished pies. And then we'll have a tasting! All three recipes will be shared on PiePals, and the winner will be featured on our home page before Memorial Day.

Good luck!

Your Pie Pal, Rebecca


2017 NM State Fair Pie Contest, 9/17/17

Best Day of the Year

Best of Show, 2012

Enter the NM State Fair Pie Contest!

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 8:00 AM to Noon


(Creative Arts Bldg, Expo NM, Albuquerque)

Judging Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 1:30 PM

Take a few minutes to use the link provided and familiarize yourself with the entry guidelines.  For example, you can only enter 2 pies, have to be careful about cream, etc.  They provide tips on what they look for when judging the pies (texture, taste, etc.).  Then, get baking!  It’s a blast to enter!   Scroll down to Section 205, Pie Contest


Pie Contest Categories

1. Any Other

2. Apple, non-traditional

3. Apple, traditional

4. Blueberry

5. Cherry

6. Chocolate/Chocolate non-traditional

7. Citrus

8. Coconut Cream

9. Fruit - any flavor not in its own category

10. Lemon Meringue

11. Peach

12. Peanut Butter

13. Pecan

14. Pumpkin

15. Rhubarb (additional fruit optional)

16. Sugar Free

17. Tart, any flavor

18. Any Pie - Graham cracker or crushed cookie crust – Any flavor


NM State Fair Pie Contest 2015

Drama and Delicious, Combined

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