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  1. List ingredients in order they are used.
  2. Provide measurements by teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, or liquid ounce rather than by weight (i.e., "1/2 cup" of chopped chocolate rather than "4 ounces, chopped").
  3. Give clear, complete directions for each step, starting with crust (if that part of recipe is included).
  4. Provide "baker's notes" about anything special you do, such as putting a crust protector on partway through baking, or anything notable about the recipe (i.e., there's always more pie filling than fits into the crust).
  5. Check your spelling and measurements to make sure they're correct.
  6. Do not use brand names for ingredients, use generic ones (i.e., "vegetable shortening" rather than "Crisco").
  7. Required: Provide a digital photo image of the finished pie, well-lit and in focus. Accepted file formats: JPG & PNG less than 512 kb.
  8. Optional: Provide a headshot photo of yourself if you care to. People love to see who's behind the recipe. Accepted file formats: JPG & PNG less than 512 kb.
  9. Everyone's recipes are welcome. Priority for publication will be given for fresh and frozen ingredients, healthy versions, and originality.
  10. By submitting this recipe, you are hereby giving PiePals, LLC, permission to publish it, along with your name (first name only if you choose) and city/state/ country.