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Fundraiser for GLSEN of Albuquerque

The 2nd annual event will be held on August 29th here in Albuquerque.  Bakers are needed!!  All kinds of baked goods are welcome.  Get the entry scoop here and the event information here:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In addition to the chance to enter a baking contest, you can also enjoy fantastic poetry, presented by the poets.  You can bid on the winning cakes, pies, cookies and gluten-free goodies as they are auctioned off between poets.  It's a fun and interesting community-building evening.  Hope to see you there.  

GLSEN is the Gay Straight Education Network, a national organization that works to make schools safer for all children.  When invited, they provide professional development for teachers and school staff on how what the issues are for gay kids and how to intervene when kids don't feel safe, This ultimately helps the whole school population and helps children stay in school.  Our Albuquerque chapter is particularly wonderful and deserves our support!

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