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Pie of the Month

  • Coconut Cream Pie

    Coconut Cream Pie

    Rebecca Jo Dkota

    Rich and elegant, it is perfect for company...or just because you're in the mood!

  • Cutie Creamsicle Pie ©

    Cutie Pie ©

    Rebecca Jo Dakota, Albuquerque, NM

    There’s something dreamy about ice cream bars that combine orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.  Remember those?  This pie is reminiscent of those, but better.  First, there’s a whole lot more of it, enough to share!  Then, it swirls 2 favorite flavors:  fresh orange and vanilla cream.   Finally, you can do either a winter version (cold but not frozen) or summer version (icy).  Either will win you points with friends and family.  It features Cuties® brand clementine oranges, which are extra flavorful and provide an inviting soft color.