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Pie Poetry Contest!

Put your love of pie into words! Win a prize!

This contest has closed, but feel free to send us your "pieku"!

The Pie Pals Team. 

 Go ahead, write a little poem about pie! 

What:  We want poetry about pie.  Send in your original poetry about pie and win a prize! 

When:  Due date is February 28, 2014.  Send any time between now and then.

Where:  Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *

Why:  You love pie.  Good, homemade pie.

First prize is an original Pie Pals apron, and all honorable mentions will get a free Pie Pals magnet.  Winners announced in March, with winning poems posted on the Pie Pals website. 

Haiku poems are welcome!  I guess that makes them pieku? 



What else? 

  • Any style of poetry is fine, keep it clean, fun is good, family stories as poetry are interesting, say what’s true for you about pie. 
  • Attach as a Word document if your poem is longer than a half page.
  • Must be your very own original poem(s).
  • Limit 2 poems per person. 
  • Anyone can enter.
  • Entries need to be in English.
  • Drawings, illustrations and photos are welcome but certainly not required.
  • Decisions are final, blah, blah, blah.  You know the routine. 

Just write something and wax poetic about pie!

*Include with your email the following:


  1.  Your name and the city/town/village/pueblo where you live, and the state/country.  Also let us know your age if you’re under 20.

  2. Your statement, “I agree to the terms of this contest, and confirm that I wrote this poem and I am giving Pie Pals, LLC, permission to publicize it as they see fit.”  Cut and paste this into your submission email if you want to, or type it in.  This statement must be included for your poem to be considered!

  3. Any tidbits about the poem, your love of pie, your history with pie, or anything else you think we might find interesting about you.  Don’t be shy!  This is all in the spirit of being pie pals – people who love pie and want to share that enthusiasm!










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Patriotic Pie?

What's Your 4th of July Pie?

Patriotic Pie Contest

4th of July Pie

Our national birthday is coming up, so let’s get ready to celebrate!  What’s your version of a 4th of July Pie? 

What characteristics of America would you want to celebrate?  Our commitment to democracy?  Our 3 branches of government?  Our willingness – in the end – to embrace diversity and inclusiveness?  Our vision of freedom and liberty for all?  A particular part of America that’s special to you?  I can see a “Yellowstone Park Pie” or a “Purple Waves of Grain Pie.”  Or maybe a “Southern Summer Pie.”

Pick a theme and go for it!  Send your recipe in by June 30th and we’ll pick one to post on the 1st of July (so there will be time to make it for the 4th).

Maybe you already have a favorite 4th of July Pie – great!  Or maybe you want to make up a new one.  Either is welcome.


  • ü  Name your pie according to the American value or place you want to celebrate
  • Originality counts!
  • Get it here by end of day June 30th

For inspiration, here’s a photo from the American Pie Championship held this April.  It has 3 sections with different fruits in red, white and blue colors -- cherries, apples and blueberries – with a twist of crust separating each.  How did the baker keep the sections separate?  I don’t know but I was impressed with the design!

I think I’ll dream up a “Liberty Pie” or maybe an “Equal Rights” pie.  How about you?!?  Enter now!

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National Pie Championships Kick Off April 27th

Wish you could be there?

I do!  So, I'm going!  And, I'll bring you all the pie news and stories from Orlando, Florida.  As a member of the press, I'll be reporting to you on:

  • Amateur contestants, baking their prize pies on site at the Royale Caribe hotel and convention center. They bake on Friday, April 27, and entries will be judged and prizes awarded on Saturday..
  • "Independent Bakers," those who have less than a milliion dollars in pie sales/year, will enter their pies in this new divisions of the Commercial Competition.  Their pies will be judged Friday, with awards that evening.
  • Professional bakers can bake on site on Saturday.  Their judging and awards are on Sunday.
  • High school students -- the future of pie! -- will bake on Saturday, with judging and awards on Sunday. 

Each category of competition has specific categories for entries.  For example, high school students can submit pies in these flavors:  apple, cream, open and fruit/berry.  The amateurs have 18 categories to choose from, including "open."  Anything goes! 

This national pie contest is sponsored by the American Pie Council and Crisco.  They've been conducting it since 1995.

Wonder what the judges are looking for?  I'll see what I can find out and let you know.

Your Pie Pal,

Rebecca Jo Dakota

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Past Pie Events

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