Usually I say peach pie is my favorite, but this fresh peach and raspberry tart might be even better.  The nutty almond crust says "I love you" to the peaches, the raspberries add color, and the not-too-sweet peach glaze holds it all together with joy.  Try it!

Fresh Peach & Raspberry Tart

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  • Prep Time: 45 minutes (plus 1 hour for peaches)
  • Baking Time: 15 minutes for tart shell
  • Serves: 8
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Fresh Peach & Raspberry Tart


9”                     baked Nutty Tart Pastry shell, cooled (see Pie Pals recipe),                           almond version

3/4 c.               fresh raspberries, clean & dry, or blueberries

3 1/2 c.           fresh peach slices (cut in about 1/16ths)

3/4 c.               sugar

2 T.                  lemon juice

4 t.                   cornstarch

1/8 t.                salt

1 T.                  butter

1/4 t.                almond extract

Optional:  whipped cream


1.  Combine sugar and lemon juice in a bowl, then add peach slices.  Cover and set aside for an hour so that juices form.

2.  Drain peaches over a bowl.  Measure liquid and add enough water to make a total of 1 c. of peach/lemon/sugar juice.  Leave peaches draining, covered.

3.  To make the glaze, put the cornstarch in a small saucepan and gradually stir in the liquid.  Cook over low heat, whisking constantly, until mixture begins to thicken.  Remove from heat and blend in the salt, butter and extract.  Set aside to cool.

4.  Arrange the peach slices in the tart shell, then add the raspberries.  Spoon the cooled glaze evenly over the fruit. 

5.  Chill until the glaze is set, about 2 hours.  To serve, remove the outer ring of the tart pan, place on a decorative plate, and top with whipped cream (if desired).

Baker’s Notes and Tips and Tricks

The NuttyTart Pastry really is great with the fresh peaches.  The other thing I love about this tart recipe is that I can make it on a hot summer day -- when fresh peaches are readily available and at their best -- but the oven only has to be on for a little while.  

This tart is best served the day it's made.

Fresh Peach & Raspberry Tart

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