Tipping Point Season?

Denial, boots & pie

Tipping Point Season?

Tipping Point Season?

It feels like a tipping point:  either we choose love now, being one humanity on the same globe, or we rip it all apart in fear and greed and a willing denial.

It is December 2012, and the world is in a pretty big mess:  Global warming, wars, hunger and need, tensions among people every which way.  And at the same time, people are envisioning change, intentionally creating a more global consciousness and connectedness. 

As people approach the holiday season – solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and other celebrations – it feels different this year.  Yes, there are tremendous social and economic pressures to buy things and to spend money (especially in our American culture), to be consumers above all else.  And yet, there is also a sense of calm and peace that seems to be emerging -- some kind of quiet, like a soft down comforter or a gentle tropical breeze enveloping the atmosphere around the globe.

People are taking time to see each other, to acknowledge that we are here together, that this is a sacred place and a special time on this planet. 

Whether we buy boots for a person living on the street, like the police officer in New York City did, or take homemade cookies to someone who lost a special person in their life this year, or adopt a family to share our blessings with, I hope all of us find a way to celebrate connection this year.  As we do, we will, indeed, bring peace on Earth.

Blessings of the season to all of us, Rebecca

P.S.  Homemade pie is one of the really good ways to bring people together!


Election Day: Lemon, Cherry, or Pecan

I support a woman’s right to choose.

Election Day:  Lemon, Cherry, or Pecan

I support a woman’s right to choose, and not just her pie.  Her right to choose pretty much everything, especially if it has to do with her very own body:  that temple of the divine here on Earth.  She’s in charge of that – from what goes into it, including pie, to what comes out of it, including babies.

In America today, it’s a woman’s legal right to choose whether or not to have children.  Period.  She may involve others in her decisions but, bottom line, it’s her decision.

Do we really want to change that now?  Election Day is here.  Please consider whether you think it’s important to uphold a woman’s right to make her own healthcare, body and pie decisions. 

Personally, I pick peach.


"Why Pie?"

What is it you love about pie?

Royal Rhubarb Pie

Tell us in 25 words or less one of the things that you just love about pie.  Poetry is welcome if you feel inspired!  We're looking for heartfelt, funny, unique or crazy reasons to love pie.  Winner will get have their "Why Pie?" entry posted here and will receive a sweet "Pie Pals" refrigerator magnet.  Deadline:  November 30, 2012.


Sometimes, you just know when it’s right.

"Made by hand in the U.S.A."

Sometimes, you just know when it’s right.

You may not even be looking, but you see something and just know, “I need to get that for so-and-so because they will love it.” 

Well, a Pie Pal recently did that for me.  She found these two hand-embroidered tea towels with PIES ON THEM.  Of course I would love those!

What pleases me so much about these?  Yes, that someone thought of me and gave them to me as a gift.  But even beyond that is the fact that someone actually took the time to embroider them by hand.                easyaspie

Why does that matter?  To make anything by hand – whether sewing, building furniture, painting or sculpting, throwing ceramics, or making a pie – requires a kind of presence.  It takes literally holding something in your hands and paying attention to it.  You look at it, hold it, change it, change it with your hands.  It is the essence of putting your energy into something and, given that these things take time, putting something of value (your time) into it. 

That energy may seem ethereal but it’s still real.  Anything made by hand will always hold the energy of its maker. 

So, here’s to things made by hand, made with creativity and love.  Including pie!

And thanks again, Debby!


Pie Contest at Local Food Festival, Albuquerque

Hubbard House Celebrates "Local"!

Pie Contest at Local Food Festival, Albuquerque

Local Pie Contest @ Local Food Festival

October 14 , 2012 – Local Food Festival in Albuquerque, NM (see below)
Ages: Adults - 18 years and older (Amateur bakers only)
Categories: Fruit (ex: Blackberry , Strawberry, Rhubarb) Other (ex: Pecan, Cheese, Coconut Cream, Chocolate)
For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A note on “local”: They want you to deeply embrace the concept of “local.” The basic requirement of this competition is to use at least one locally grown or produced food. Local ingredients will be defined as those grown or produced in New Mexico.

If these products also use locally sourced food items, even better! Items you have grown or raised yourself are as local as you can get. In tallying bonus points these factors may come into play. Again, local food items will be defined as those grown/produced in New Mexico and additional points may come from purchasing these items at locally owned, independent businesses.

For more info about the contest, including rules and entry times:  ENTER HERE!

Festival is Sunday, October 14, 2012

In honor of the New Mexico State Centennial, this year's theme is "A Celebration of History, Culture and Farming".

This event is free and open to the public.

HANDICAP PARKING:  Limited availability in the small north lot.

Download the flier! Feel free to print, share and post this!

For more information about this event, including calendar of events and schedule for the day, click here.


Patriotic Pie Contest

4th of July Pie!


Pie Festival Sept. 8, Pie Town, NM!

Does it get any better than a pie festival?!


Contest! - "Merry Month of May"

Winner's recipe will be featured on PiePals.com

What: your best pie or tart recipe to celebrate the "Merry Month of May"

When: enter by May 31, 2012 (submission must be dated by then)

Why: winner's recipe will be featured on PiePals.com

What: most fresh fruit isn't ripe yet, so what will you feature in this late spring pie? Your creativity and matching of the "merry month" theme will be rewarded! Remember the PiePals theme: "dishing up delicious!"

To enter, join PiePals (it's free and easy!), then enter your pie here. Be sure to put "Merry Month of May" in the "Contest Name" field so we'll know you're entering.

Photos are encouraged but not required.

Remember to feature fruit or ingredients readily available at this time of year and to give complete instructions, including a crust recipe.

We will select 3 recipes to make, and will carefully follow your directions. We'll take pictures of the finished pies. And then we'll have a tasting! All three recipes will be shared on PiePals, and the winner will be featured on our home page before Memorial Day.

Good luck!

Your Pie Pal, Rebecca


Contest! - "Washington's Cherry Pie"

Winner's recipe will be featured on PiePals.com

Contest! -

It's a Contest!

"Washington's Cherry Pie"

What: your best cherry pie recipe using frozen cherries.

When: enter by February 12, 2012 (submission must be dated by then)

Why: winner's recipe will be featured on PiePals.com

What: we're looking for a luscious, not-too-sweet pie that can be either homey or innovative, in a crust that complements the filling. Remember the PiePals theme: "Dishing up Delicious!"


Ownership vs. Sharing of Recipes

Pie Pals Share Theirs

Your Pie Pal, Rebecca Dakota

How do you feel about sharing your best pie recipe?  Will you ever share it?  With whom,  under what circumstances?

Now I've heard, though I can't say I've had direct experience with this, that people in the South are happy to share their recipes.  It's just that they leave out one of the key ingredients.  Any truth to this?

I'll give my recipes away (as I do on Pie Pals)...to anyone who wants to make good pie, with hopes that they'll enjoy the recipes and quite possibly improve upon them.  After all, most of my recipes started out from a recipe book and then became my own.  No sense in holding back on anything when there's so much good to be shared.

And, that being said, I'm still going to ask for 99 cents for my "best" recipes – the "best of show" ones from the State Fair.  Wonder why?  Because I want to be the pie-wonder broker: connecting you with each other and all that's wonderful about pie.   It's so much more fun to do this than to sit in a corporate office or even to be a consultant for non-profit organizations.  And this Web site does cost a bit to run. 

So let's share and be generous with each other.  The more good pie, the better.

Yours in flakiness,

Rebecca, Your Pie Pal

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